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The chicken or the egg.

Posted on Sunday, February 1, 2009 | 1 Comment

Which came first? The egg, in this case. The chicken? Tomorrow... for dinner. Maybe.

Anyway, this assignment was pretty interesting. I suppose I had an advantage since I missed the first class and got to see everybody else's egg projects before having to do mine, but honestly, I probably would have come up with the same thing that I ended up making.

Like most everyone in the class, I procrastinated and waited until the night before to actually do the project. I did put some thought in during the week on what to do with the egg, but I didn't finalize it until tonight. I wasn't sure what to make so I just kept trying to think of what cool things I could do with an egg. I eventually came up with an image in my mind of this small egg looking at a gigantic, high-resolution egg on a computer monitor. From that image, my project was born.

Before I delve into the details of how I created this, I want to show it to you first. Blogger.com has shrunk the images substantially so you may need to view them separately to see them clearly.

I began by browsing the internet for free high-resolution pictures of eggs. I found a few pictures of this speckled egg, some white eggs, some brown eggs, some nests with eggs, and the jellyfish egg. I decided to go with the speckled egg because it looked funky and the jellyfish egg because it looked cool.

From there, I grabbed a white and a brown egg and began to set up the scene. I turned off all the lights, used a flashlight for a back light (although I wish I had used two), and CDs to allow the eggs to stand upright. Once the scene looked good, I started taking pictures. I ended up with 10 pictures, not including the two high-resolution pictures I downloaded.

While looking at the pictures, the idea popped into my head to turn this thing into a comic. The pictures were set up perfectly to turn it into a comic and the story practically wrote itself. So, I loaded the pictures into Photoshop and what you see here is the result. I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. One of the greatest mysteries,Which came first ? :D


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