> The magical time-documenting plastic bag!

The magical time-documenting plastic bag!

Posted on Monday, February 16, 2009 | No Comments

Document time with a plastic grocery bag... now there's a task I'm sure nobody has ever heard until they enrolled for this class! As strange as this assignment is, I didn't really find it difficult to come up with different ways to document time with a plastic bag. My initial thought was to start recording the sounds a bag might make while blowing in the wind or being handled, but I thought that was too boring. In fact, most things that I thought of to do with the plastic bag were boring or uninteresting, so I decided not do actually do anything new with a plastic bag. Instead, I decided to write a short little blurb about the life of a plastic bag.

In the beginning, the bag is manufactured along with all of its brothers and sisters in a factory somewhere in the world. It is not alone in this new world, but life will soon change for the little bag. The bag is then shipped to, for the purposes of this story, a grocery store along with thousands of other bags in the back of a truck. It is dark and the little bag is frightened. Once it arrives, the bag is unpacked and put out near the cash registers to be used for customers' groceries. The bag is anxious, not knowing what to expect. For a long time, the bag just sits there, watching as brothers and sisters alike get filled with various products and thrown into a shopping cart before vanishing off in the distance, never to be seen again. Finally, that day comes for our little bag. He is taken to an unfamiliar vehicle out in the parking lot and thrown in the trunk. After a short ride in complete darkness, the trunk is opened and the bag taken inside. Once the bag is emptied, it's usefulness has been outlived. The bag, to most people, is now worthless. The bag, to most people, is now dead. The bag, to most people, is now trash.

Most people will now throw the bag away, without ever taking into account all the time and effort that was put into getting that little bag to the grocery store. Considering all the time it took to manufacture the bag and send it to the store, the amount of time it was used was entirely too short. This is the unfortunate life of many plastic grocery bags. Personally, I use my plastic grocery bags as trash bags for many different trash cans around my house, but once they are full they become trash as well. Although I end up throwing my bags away too, they at least get another week's worth of use. I'm sure we could all come up with a few different ways to use these grocery bags after we bring them home from the store. After all, there's no sense in letting them go to waste and I personally think you've wasted that bag if all you do is throw it away after emptying your groceries out of them.

Who thought the life and death of a plastic bag was so involved?

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