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Posted on Monday, February 9, 2009 | No Comments

I always wondered what life would be like if I were blind. If I were blind, I'd rather have been born blind than to become blind later on in life. My reasoning is that if you became blind later in life, you'd know what you were missing out on.

Still, life must be strange for someone who is blind and also for those caring for the blind person. Can you imagine trying to describe an object to someone who has no idea what anything looks like? It would drive me insane.

Anyway, for my 3 hours of senselessness, I decided to blindfold myself. I didn't know what I would to do keep myself occupied in the meantime, because nearly every activity I do requires sight. I decided I would listen to some music for awhile, followed by trying to discern what was happening in a television show through audio only. The music was very relaxing and it was nice to be able to focus on nothing but the music. It's amazing how much more detail you pick up when you aren't distracted by visuals. After an hour or so of listening to music, I fumbled around for the remote and turned on the TV. I had no idea what channel it was on or what show was playing, but it was REALLY weird listening to the audio only. After about twenty minutes or so, I ended up falling asleep for a short nap!

While it was a fun experiment, I wish that I never end up blind. If I could make up my own sense, I would make some sort of foresight where you would be able to sense if something was going to end up bad so you could just avoid it altogether. Or you could take my brother's special 'food-dar' sense... he seems to know when food is being prepared and shows up at just the right time.

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