> Week 3, class 2.

Week 3, class 2.

Posted on Sunday, February 1, 2009 | No Comments

Week 3, class 2. Don't you just love holidays?

Well, this was the first time I had actually been to this class, so it was new to me. I enjoyed it overall and thought it was pretty interesting. We got to look at everyone's egg projects today, which were mostly pretty cool.

Which ones did I like the most? Aaron's stop-motion egg project was neat, Corey's item-box egg was really interesting and amusing (although I didn't see it in class, I did see it in his blog), Ryan Kincaid's spin-the-egg idea was hilarious, Janna's riddle made my head hurt (but also amazed me that she came up with the idea), Mike's crucified egg was hilarious, Greg's egg candle was pretty cool, and Joe's beer-clarifying egg brewing experiment was just awesome.

This isn't to say that the other projects weren't good, but those were the ones I liked the most. One last parting thought: Angie's broken egg. I was really impressed with her perspective on the matter and thought it showed a lot of maturity. From her blog, "i knew. i knew it was going to break. but that's life, even when we know something may not work out we do it anyway. we still do it."

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