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1) To Corey: What if someone took the message out of your egg and replaced it with one of their own without destroying the egg?
2) To Joe: What if this beer ended up being the best beer ever brewed?
3) To Janna: What if somebody's brain exploded because they were thinking so intensely trying to figure out this riddle?
4) To Marqi: What if the next day, the eggs you tampered with returned to their original, pre-tampered-with state?
5) To Aaron: What if you woke up the next day and discovered a brand new set of skillets?

6) ...we all had eyes in the backs of our heads?
7) ...cavemen invented computers?
8) ...computers hadn't been invented yet?
9) ...you could level up in real life?
10) ...we were all geniuses?
11) ...we were all retards?
12) ...illness didn't exist?
13) ...dying was life's way of advancing you to the next level?
14) ...teleportation existed?
15) ...there was never any bad news?
16) ...we had neon-green, glow-in-the-dark blood?
17) ...Jason Vorhees was real?
18) ...Jason Vorhees was real and he played World of Warcraft?
19) ...film makers started producing good horror movies again?
20) ...there was no religion?
21) ...God was one of us?
22) ...IUPUI provided more parking spaces?
23) ...everyone did their job the way its supposed to be done?
24) ...all the corrupt politicians and corporate giants got what they deserved?
25) ...we can't find Waldo?
26) ...video games didn't have any secrets or easter eggs?
27) ...there was no such thing as stress?
28) ...going green meant covering everything with green food coloring?
29) ...it's too late?
30) ...a tree fell in the woods?
31) ...we all just got along?
32) ...we all communicated telepathically?
33) ...places never became too populated?
34) ...we could start over?
35) ...we had extra lives?
36) ...we transferred whatever it is that makes us who we are into machines and were able to live eternally that way?
37) ...ManBearPig was real?
38) ...they made a Predator 3 (none of the AvP movies count)?
39) ...we had to consume our extremities for sustenance?
40) ...people never had their heads up their asses?
41) ...you shot yourself in the foot?
42) ...the weather was always 'just right'?
43) ...the zombie apocalypse began tomorrow?
44) ...zombies didn't die after getting their heads blown off?
45) ...we all lived underground?
46) ...this existence is all just some entity's dream?
47) ...we all had the same energy levels we had when we were kids?
48) ...you could see where the paths in life would take you before you went down them?
49) ...we all had perfect vision?
50) ...Duke Nukem Forever actually came out?

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