> Response to first post-Spring break class.

Response to first post-Spring break class.

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Today's class was really laid back and I enjoyed it quite a bit. A lot of people didn't have their randomness assignments finished, but those who did had pretty interesting projects. I had to agree with Beth when she said that my tomato project wouldn't be something that would stick out in people's minds. I couldn't mesh those three things together in a way that I really enjoyed, but I am okay with what I came up with. I had spent a lot of time thinking of what to do for the project and it got to the point where I had to just pick something to get it done, even though I wasn't in love with any of my ideas.

I thought the hour-long break where we went as groups and returned with artifacts was fun, although I was tempted to just head home (main reason being I was exhausted). Instead, I decided to stay there and see what happened. After all, it's not every day that you break up into groups to go anywhere on campus and find or create some artifact to return. It was also nice to interact with the people in my group and then collaborate to come up with some crazy fucking bobble-head of a guy on the cover of Nuvo magazine.

Our idea began with carving the styrofoam cup as though it were a pumpkin, to making a tree-beast out of it, to pasting people's heads and bodies on it. As we found more tools, our ideas expanded and started branching out. I found the whole process pretty interesting.

As one final note, I thoroughly enjoyed the group who convinced the cop to run over the apples with his sirens on. I really want to see video of that.

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