> "What if..." part II - The Final Project

"What if..." part II - The Final Project

Posted on Monday, March 9, 2009 | 1 Comment

As I stated in my "Storm the Brains" post, I am going to make a video game for my final project. The twist is that I am going to impose limits on myself in order to replicate the difficulties that early game developers had to struggle with. I am going to use four sound channels for the music, keep the game size under a certain amount (not yet determined), and use 8-bit graphics. My hope is that I can still create a fun game.

Now, what if...

1.)To Fred - What if you created an original story to go along with the road trip pictures?
2.)To Brad - What if I don't want to do something for your final project in addition to having to do mine?
3.)To Ryan S. - What if your animated show doesn't stand out from the crowd?
4.)To Nick B. - What if you keep changing your mind about your final project idea up until the day before it's due?
5.)To Stan - What if you can't find an effective way of conveying the story without any dialog?
6.)To Aaron - What if someone tries to mug you and steal Frank?
7.)To Matt H. - What if you don't have enough time to finish your video?
8.)To Joe - What if your tank ended up being indestructible?
9.)To Mike - What if you traveled through time to the future and saw the end result of your final project?
10.)To Corey - What if you made an exact replica of Zombie Paper from the game Earthbound?
11.)To Eric - What if the aesthetic that you create turns out to be really cool?
12.)To Angelica - What if your final project was due tomorrow?
13.)To Matt O. - What if nobody understands your project?
14.)To Janna - What if your recording got corrupted?
15.)To Nick M. - What if you had posted your final project idea on your blog?
16.)To Pascal - What if you came up with the next big wii-mote idea?
17.)To Greg - What if you come up with a completely outlandish context, but your project idea turns out to be completely awesome?
18.)To Ryan K. - What if your final project idea was posted on your blog?
19.)To Patrick - What if your final project idea was posted on your blog?
20.)To Marqi - What if your final project idea was posted on your blog?
21.)To Derek - What if you built a time machine?

22.)...my game was a big success?
23.)...my game spawned several sequels and spin-offs?
24.)...I made a lot of money off my game?
25.)...I can't get my game polished in time?
26.)...the music sucks?
27.)...someone offers to pay me for the rights to my game?
28.)...my game sucks?
29.)...I can't achieve something without breaking the limitations?
30.)...my game is boring?
31.)...I don't have enough time to finish my game?
32.)...I didn't do my final project?
33.)...I showed up to the last class with a completely different final project?
34.)...my game is well-received?
35.)...people want more of my game?
36.)...I come up with a fantastic new idea for a game?
37.)...my game is too simple?
38.)...my game is not simple enough?
39.)...my game doesn't run on other computers?
40.)...my files get corrupted or lost before the project is due?
41.)...my game fails horribly?
42.)...I can't make graphics that are at least decent-looking?
43.)...my graphics are spot-on?
44.)...I end up hating my game?
45.)...my game spawns other game ideas?
46.)...an unforeseen opportunity presents itself while I'm working on this game?
47.)...I like my game but nobody else does?
48.)...I invent a new genre?
49.)...I stop asking these kinds of questions?


  1. what if your game was a great success. After all there's no dead-line and you can take as long as you want.


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