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April 2009

To hunt or to scavenge?

Sunday, April 26, 2009 0

Five innovative ways new media is being used outside the IUPUI campus:

1) Digital Sheet Music Tablet (link)

-This tablet is able to store thousands of sheets of music and display them on a backlit LCD screen. The benefits of this device are obvious. When I was playing music, I sometimes forgot my folder of music or brought the wrong one before a concert and would have to get the original copy from our conductor. This device would eliminate that problem. The device even allows you to mark directly onto the displayed sheet of music, which is something music performers need to do constantly. From what I can tell, there are several different versions of the hardware you can get and , but the basic idea of this device is great.

Response to April 20th class.

Monday, April 20, 2009 0

Why did the chicken cross the road? To entertain our class for the day! Seriously though, the chicken was pretty funny, especially when it started crowing in response to the rooster on the computer.

Today's class was pretty relaxing, but not a complete waste. Hearing other people's ideas regarding the "new media scavenger hunt" exercise gave me some ideas of my own, so hopefully that assignment will be a little less painful.

Response to April 13th class.

Sunday, April 19, 2009 0

There weren't many people in class today and we had Susan Tennant as a substitute teacher for the day. We basically had a big group discussion on the definition of "new media", which led to discussion about the social aspects of technology and other things as well. Susan showed us some really interesting projects in some museum, one of which was a projection on a floor panel that reacted when people walked on it. I thought these projects were very interesting in that they encouraged complete strangers to interact with each other with the projection as their common interest.

Only one choice.


I find quantum theory to be quite intriguing. Of course, we've been told our whole lives that the quality of our lives depends on the choices we make, but does it ever really occur to most of us that we essentially lock out any other possible choices once we've made a decision? Or do most people consider that there are literally an infinite number of possibilities for us to choose from, so long as we're willing to dedicate ourselves to that possibility?

As per option one in the assignment, I am going to create my own set of criteria for playing with the idea of quantum theory. Fortunately, I already have some experiences in my life that depict this theory clearly and I will share them with you.

Infinite possibilities.

Monday, April 13, 2009 0

I was not in class last week so I didn't get to watch the movie, but I managed to find it online and started watching it. I have only watched the first thirty minutes so far, but it is already extremely interesting. Some of the things that were brought up are things that I've thought or wondered about. Things have been a little hectic at home with my family and I am a little behind on the homework, but I plan on writing an in-depth blog about this movie after I finish watching it as well as completing the previous week's "client exercise" assignment (it's not about the points, right?) .

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