> Response to April 13th class.

Response to April 13th class.

Posted on Sunday, April 19, 2009 | No Comments

There weren't many people in class today and we had Susan Tennant as a substitute teacher for the day. We basically had a big group discussion on the definition of "new media", which led to discussion about the social aspects of technology and other things as well. Susan showed us some really interesting projects in some museum, one of which was a projection on a floor panel that reacted when people walked on it. I thought these projects were very interesting in that they encouraged complete strangers to interact with each other with the projection as their common interest.

After watching "What the Bleep do We Know?" and looking at the museum projects from last week, I am starting to formulate some different ideas for my final project as well as stuff I'd like to create in general. I'm definitely moving away from the boring idea I originally had for my final project, but with time running short I'm going to have to do something relatively simple. I've also started writing a document on video game development that I hope will help me to create original games that stand out from the crowd.

Oh yeah, we were let out from class about an hour early which was totally awesome!

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