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About Otto's Odyssey - Storyline

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Hello folks and welcome back!  Have you ever been waiting for something to happen so anxiously that it feels like time slows down?  That's been me the past few days.  I've got this brand new video card just sitting here unable to be used because I don't have the right power supply yet.  The UPS tracking for my return package hasn't updated since the 11th and it's driving me nuts!  I won't be able to order the new power supply until sometime late next week, so I probably won't get it for another two weeks.  Argh!  All I can do is try to keep busy to make the time pass more quickly.  Speaking of keeping busy, I figured I'd share the current storyline of Otto's Odyssey with you this week.  I'm sure you're aware, but this is a work in progress so things are subject to change.  Enjoy!

Otto’s Odyssey

The year is 2800.  Human technology has excelled beyond our wildest dreams.  One important technological advance in particular has allowed scientists to map out large portions of the universe – this advance is the development of the Space Explorer automaton.  Space Explorers, or SE’s for short, are designed to travel to unknown planets and explore them.  They are equipped to deal with most things, such as testing various samples, scanning the landscape, recording images, and even fending off hostile life forms.  SE’s may also adopt new equipment.  The main objective of an SE is to discover extraterrestrial life on planets other than our own, study and document the life, tag some of the life forms for continued observation, and report its findings back to headquarters via satellite transmission.  The SE also records various characteristics about the planet being explored and reports that information back to headquarters so that the scientists can chart a map of the known planets.

Many interesting discoveries have been found by the SE’s.  For example, several planets not too far away from Earth have been discovered to be planets with conditions suitable for sustaining life.  One of these planets, Terrenes, has several space colonies already established upon it.  The humans here hope to terraform the planet to match the living conditions of Earth.  The atmospheric and environmental conditions on this planet are very close to Earth’s, but still pose a hazard to human health.  Researchers believe they are close to creating healthy living conditions on the planet.  If successful, the go-ahead will be given to start colonizing other Earth-like planets.

As a precaution to any possible hazards, one SE was sent to Terrenes to explore the surrounding planets.  Researchers on Terrenes grew fond of the SE and named him Otto.  Otto seemed almost human to them.  In addition, Otto was a crucial asset to their space colony.  He was able to travel to and explore regions that were just too harsh for humans.  After ensuring Terrenes was secure, Otto was sent into space to explore the surrounding planets.  To his surprise, he found many peaceful creatures on planets that didn’t appear to have life-enabling conditions.  Some of these creatures, who are small, fluffy, and bouncy (and will be given a name once I create a depiction of them with the Spore Creature Creator), noticed Otto and took a liking to him.    Otto tries not to interfere too much with their natural way of life, in case he disrupts their ecology or they become dependent on him, but these small fluffy creatures seem to remain entirely independent.  Not only that, but if Otto helps the creatures out, they help him out in return.  This is an astonishing find that Otto can’t wait to relay back to headquarters.

However, while trying to relay the information back home, the signal is lost.  Satellite technology has improved vastly in the last 800 years and signals are rarely, if ever, lost.  Otto knows this and realizes that something must be amiss back on Terrenes.  He decides to put his study of this planet on hold and return back to Terrenes to investigate.  As he is entering his flight pod, one of the small fluffy creatures sneaks on board undetected.

Otto arrives back on Terrenes.  [This is the point in the game where the player can officially control Otto.]  When he opens the door to his flight pod, the small fluffy stowaway zooms out of the pod and runs off.  Otto decides not to chase the creature and instead focuses on the situation at hand.  The space colony has become a ghost town.  There is nobody to be found and no signs of foul play.  Otto is just about done exploring the colony when he discovers something strange in the barracks.  There is a hole in the floor, as though something burrowed up through the thick base of the space colony.  Otto knows he must explore the burrow, but decides to grab some equipment first in case of hostile life forms.

Well, that's where I'm at right now with the storyline.  As you can see, this is more background than full-on storyline.  This was actually copied and pasted from a word document I created when I worked on my capstone project in college.  It's not high on my priority list of things to work on in the game, so don't expect it to be expanded upon for quite some time!

As always, feel free to leave a comment.  Thanks for reading!

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